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This is to announce that the NCH Academic Blog, "Ottoline Online",  has now moved to the NCH London website. Please click on the link below to continue reading:    

Transformation in Sport and Education

I believe that education can be transformative. In fact, I think that it can be transformative in something like the way that high-level (e.g. Olympic) sport can be. Allow me to explain, beginning in what is perhaps an unexpected place: Aristotle’s doctrine of hylomorphism.


So нелюбовь is a noun not an adjective, and the film is about that thing: the non-love which mutually connects Boris and Zhenya – a contemporary, bourgeois, Muscovite divorcing couple – and which connects both to their twelve-year-old son Alyosha (a name with connotations of innocence, being that of the saintly youngest Karamazov brother in Dostoevsky’s 1880 novel). Part way through, Alyosha disappears. The rest of the film concerns his parents’ unsuccessful effort to find him alive, whilst both of them pursue new relationships.

At the Ottoline Club: Cyberactivism in Egypt

"Atheist Online, Religious Offline”: Secularist Cyberactivism as a Social Movement in Post-Arab-Spring Egypt’, a talk by Dr. Sebastian Ille, Lecturer in Economics, based on a paper co-authored with Dina Mansour-Ille. Those present were: Sebastian Ille, Dave Rampton (Faculty of Politics... Continue Reading →

At the Ottoline Club: Ideas of Peace

“The Limits of Hybridity and the Crisis of Liberal Peace”, a talk by Dr. David Rampton, Lecturer in World Politics, based on a paper co-authored with Dr. Sutha Nadarajah and recently published in Review of International Studies.   Those present... Continue Reading →

A Shade on the Sea Floor: an Interview with Jaya Savige about Derek Walcott (1930-2017)

Jaya Savige (JS): Yes, I’d just read the news of Walcott’s death when we saw each other at Trevor Nunn’s guest lecture [on directing Shakespeare], and you’re right, I was unusually moved, for one specific reason: I just so happened to have been obsessively reading and rereading a poem of his called The Gulf, on the train to and from work that week, and even earlier that day. I wasn’t aware he was close to passing, so when I saw the news on the BBC I was a little shocked by the fact that I’d just been reading him, had been reading him in his last days, and maybe even in his final moments. When I saw you I was still in the first stages of processing this coincidence.

NCH is Hiring: Art History, Law and Human Geography positions now open

New teaching positions are now open at New College of the Humanities. NCH has a world-class team of professors with a reputation for academic excellence, supported by an enthusiastic and talented team of teaching staff.

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