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Education, Tutorials, and the Socratic Method

The tutorial model of teaching employed at NCH is, in some ways, based on the Socratic method of education. According to Socrates, education is a matter of drawing out what is already (innately) known. Thus, in Plato’s dialogue,

Pedagogy and the Varieties of Knowledge

In this post, I want to discuss three kinds of knowledge, and then relate them, briefly, to tuition at NCH. In particular, it has been claimed that there are three kinds of knowledge pertinent to higher education.

Transformation in Sport and Education

I believe that education can be transformative. In fact, I think that it can be transformative in something like the way that high-level (e.g. Olympic) sport can be. Allow me to explain, beginning in what is perhaps an unexpected place: Aristotle’s doctrine of hylomorphism.

The Gold Standard: The One-to-One Tutorial

By Dr Catherine Brown, Head of English Faculty and Senior Lecturer, New College of the Humanities — ‘It is the gold standard’, Professor Anthony Grayling says frequently of the one-to one tutorial. He founded the New College of the Humanities, London, in part on the basis of this belief. Every week at NCH, each student receives a tutorial on their own with a qualified tutor.

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